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Energy West Corporation

Our Mission

Energy West is dedicated to providing the highest quality petroleum land and exploration consulting for our clients and partners, and use their level of satisfaction as our internal measure of success.

Company Background

Energy West Corporation is owned and managed by James E. Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan has over 31 years experience as a petroleum landman and has been providing independent petroleum land services since 1978. Prior to becoming Energy West Corporation in 2002, we were known as Energy West Services, LLC. Before that time Mr. Sullivan operated as a sole proprietor. Since 1978 Energy West/Sullivan has represented over 60 different clients and partners in various facets of petroleum land and exploration work. These relationships have culminated in leasing over 4.5 million acres of leasehold interest. Our experience has included many different duties beyond leasehold and right-of-way acquisition. We have also consulted for investment banking firms, acted as expert witnesses and performed non-producing acreage evaluations.

Client Operations

Energy West is employed as a paid consultant to Exploration and Production companies of all sizes for various types of petroleum land and exploration work throughout the Western United States.

Partner Operations

Energy West is in partnerships with independent geologists and E&P companies for the acquisition of mineral leasehold and royalty interests under exploration and production projects. We participate in these projects by directly funding the land acquisition phase and/or by contributing consulting work in exchange for an equity position.

Our Staff

Our field staff consists exclusively of independent consultants and contractors.

Key to our office staff is Kim Mangham. Ms. Mangham has 25 years of experience in petroleum land titles, division orders and title fieldwork. She manages our lease records, provides office support for field staff and performs field title and leasing work.
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