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Energy West Corporation's Services

Title Work
Net Revenue Reports, Leasehold Take-Offs, Title Memoranda, Federal & State Status Reports, Drilling & Production Title Curative, Complete Abstracts

Lease Acquisition
Federal & State Leases, Fee Leases, Gas Storage Leases, Coal & Mineral Leases

Production Acquisitions
Due Diligence, In-house File Examination, Purchase Contracts

Contract Negotiation & Preparation
Farmout & Exploration Contracts, Lease & Production Purchase Contracts, Product Purchase Contracts, Gas Storage Agreements

Well Site Work
Surface Inspections, Surface Damage Settlements, Access Road Right-of-Ways

Right-of-Way Work
Pipelines, Fiber Optics, Telecommunications

Computer Mapping, HP Plotter Large Size Output

Lease Administration
Delay Rental Payments, Division Order Analysis, Property Tax Payments

Market Research, Sealed Bid Auctions, Private Sale Placements
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